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Print Server

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Product Code: AVIGO/39


Product Overview
 Share up to 3 printers (2 USB and 1 Parallel) with all network users
10/100 Mbps Ethernet network port connection
 2 USB printer port connections
 1 Multi-protocol DB-25 printer port connection
 Supports multiple networking protocols and operating systems
 Link Status LED
 Parallel Printer Status LED
 USB Status LED
 Lifetime Warranty

System Requirements
 Networking protocols supported: IPX, TCP/IP, AppleTalk, and NetBEUI 
 Operating systems supported: Windows 95/98/Me Peer-to-Peer Printing, Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista, Netware, Unix/Linux, and MAC OS 
Power Requirements
 5 V DC 2 A (external transformer included)
Package Contents
 3-Port Print Server
 Power Adapter

 Utility CD (Software & User Manual)
´Quick Start Guide